November 2015

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• Message from the Executive

• Important Updates on Projects

•           Lighthouse Public Access in Jeopardy - Please Take Action Now!

•           New Lighthouse Book - Reminder

•           Lighthouse View Trail and Jennie's Trail

•           Oral History Project

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• Membership Information

• Society Products for Sale

• Take Action Now!

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It’s official!  Sheringham Point Lighthouse is now a designated Canadian Heritage Landmark.

As a result of the hard work and dedication of our members and volunteers, the Society's petition to the Government of Canada seeking declaration of the Sheringham Light Station as a Heritage Property under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act (HLPA) has been successful. The heritage designation was granted and, effective May 2015, the Lighthouse and its surrounding land is now officially a Canadian Heritage Site. 

A HUGE THANK YOU is due to everyone who contributed to this remarkable achievement.  ON BEHALF OF THE EXECUTIVE, I also want to thank you for your continued participation in the Society and, in particular, thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in the Society's leadership.

Work continues in several areas including communications with government agencies responsible for the lighthouse, regarding details around the acquisition of the site and its transfer to the Society.  We are now very close to resolving all of the issues, and we hope to have more to announce in this regard very soon.


This newsletter and report is provided as part of the Society’s ongoing commitment to provide members and friends of the Society with as much information as possible. This is report number 52 in a series of reports.

Please let us know your ideas, comments, suggestions and how you might be able to help our efforts. We welcome you to check in frequently at our website to see the latest information on the Society. The Executive would like to invite you to the next General Meeting of the Society. Please note the date and location in the “Meeting” section below.

 - Michael Galizio, President





Back in 2008, the Society negotiated and obtained — for the community, the region and the public as a whole — the Lighthouse View Trail and Jennie’s Trail, which provide access to the Lighthouse and the surrounding area. Under an agreement created at the same time the trail was built, the Society has continued to manage and maintain these trails since they were established.

Now, appropriate and effective public access to both the trail and the lighthouse are in jeopardy due to proposed changes in the location of the public access being considered by the Capital Regional District. These changes would make it much more difficult to access the site; and for some — especially seniors and those who are less mobile —  it will be impossible. 

We are working to prevent these proposed changes and to ensure we can retain the traditional (and effective) public access to this remarkable and important heritage site. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW TO HELP US CONVINCE THE CRD NOT TO IMPLEMENT THESE PROPOSALS.

Please go to our website at:  http://sheringhamlighthouse.org/how-to-help/take-action-now/ and sign the email petition — a message indicating your support will be sent immediately to those who are dealing with this matter. 

The Society will also collect the names of all who sign this petition and present it to the CRD as a petition at a later date.   




TO THE LIGHTHOUSE:  An Explorer's Guide to the Island Lighthouses of Southwestern BC    - by Peter Johnson and John Walls, with photography by Richard Paddle


"…a guidebook conceived, created and produced by the volunteers of the Society"

This wonderful book that Society volunteers have been working on for over four years is now available. The book features all the lighthouses in and around southern Vancouver Island presented as a unique and interesting guidebook.  The Society is pleased to offer the book for sale on the website.  Please go to the online store and buy your copy today. It's also available in most local bookstores.



Located at the end of Sheringham Point Road with a small adjacent parking area, the trail head leads to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse View Trail. This almost 4 kilometer trail is open from dawn to dusk and available year round (it is located on private property). As a result of the community compromise agreement with the developer of the land adjacent to the lighthouse back in 2008, the Society negotiated creation of this loop trail over private property with views of the lighthouse, the west coast and through a beautiful forest all at no cost to the public.

The Society is proud to have entered into an agreement with the CRD to manage the trail through the summer of 2014.We have then maintained, managed and operated the trail for five years at no cost to the public.  The Society takes this responsibility seriously and has worked since 2009 to maintain and improve the trail under the agreement with the CRD. 

At this time the Society is awaiting an opportunity to renew and extend the agreement for the long term.

Please sign onto the Society website and click on “Lighthouse View Trail” to find more information about the loop trail and Jennie’s trail.



The Society has already collected some interesting oral history, historic facts and information, and has reached out to families of light-keepers and others who have information about the100 plus years of service to mariners. Recently added is an extensive interview with Rodney Sullivan and Lynda Fisk, who have vivid and interesting recollections of their time at Sheringham Point.

The Society continues to work to add more oral histories and information about the long and fascinating history of the lighthouse and property. Should you have information about more oral history subjects, please contact the Society at info@sheringhamlighthouse.org



Please join us...the next SPLPS meeting is a Membership Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, November, 2015 -- in Sooke.  The meeting will start at 2:00 p.m. and be held in the meeting room B of the SEAPARC Leisure Complex.
Address: 2168 Phillips Road, Sooke

The agenda will be posted on the website and the time certain for adjournment is 3:30 p.m.
Don’t forget to check the minutes of the last meeting ahead of time by logging on to the website using your member sign in.

If you are interested in standing for office or the executive, please contact the Society (you can do this through our website, or by clicking here.



There are several ways to provide financial support to the Society:

• Go to the web site where you can donate via Canada Helps or Pay Pal. (Use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express to donate via Canada Helps or PayPal)

• Or Send your cheque to the Society at PO Box 1002 Sooke BC V9Z 1J1

Please make your tax deductible contribution TODAY...
PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION NOW SO YOUR SUPPORT CAN BE USED TO HELP SECURE THE LIGHTHOUSE and LAND FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Every dollar you contribute starts working immediately for the Society's preservation work.



If you are not already a member, please Join the Society now, and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to join in the fight to save the lighthouse as well.

Don’t forget, this is a good time to give a gift of annual membership.

Please go to the Society website and purchase a membership via Canada Helps or Paypal for your friends, neighbours or loved ones.  It’s as simple as one click. Go to the lighthouse website and under “Members” just click on JOIN NOW and use one of the payment options (Canada Helps or PayPal) to join and pay your membership dues.

Membership permits access to the private section of the web site for background, meeting minutes, agenda’s and finance reports. Membership also allows your active participation in decisions facing the Society including future use of the site. In addition, you will receive the Special Member Updates via email to keep you informed about the progress of the Society. Don’t wait - ask your friends and neighbours to join today.

Your membership is very important to the ongoing work of the Society.  Thank you.  

Family membership is now available

“Family Membership” is now available for only $25.00. The membership includes 1 year dues for 4 members of a family.

Just send your information with one family member’s name, address, email, and phone number with your cheque for $25.00 the Society address. You may also go to the website and click on “Membership Application” and fill in the form.


Members Only Section of Website

Members may log in to the special "Members Only" section for meeting agendas, minutes, etc. Please report any errors, new information or omissions to the Society. Thank you.



The On- Line Store is open!  You may now purchase Lighthouse Society products including the Book, T-Shirts, Mugs and Magnets. Go to the website and click on LIGHTHOUSE STORE  to purchase your commemorative products:


Lighthouse History Book

The final few copies of A History of the Sheringham Lighthouse (ISBN # 099186440-9) are available now. The book was researched and authored by Rebecca Quinn and the volunteers of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society.

It is a 20 page, full colour book covering the illustrious history of the lighthouse at Sheringham Point.  Featuring over 30 photos, maps, journal entries, biographies of the light-keepers and their families, information on the junior light-keepers, the land purchase, the building of Sheringham Point Road and the process of the Society, the book is fun and interesting reading for anyone. The book was produced by the Society with generous assistance from the JdFEA Economic Development Commission.

Please log on to the website and purchase your copy of this first edition publication.



SPLHPS Logo/Picture Mugs:  Member Price $3.00 / Non-member $6.00

Logo/Picture Magnets:  Large - Member Price $2.00 / Non-member $4.00;  Small - Member Price $1.00 / Non-member $3.00

Logo T-Shirts: Short Sleeve/Gray - Member Price $20.00 / Non-member $25.00

Should you want to purchase any item, and want to pay by cheque, please send a cheque to the Society address with $3.00 shipping and handling (in Canada) included for each item, or use the easy PayPal option. Items will be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks. Please indicate T-Shirt size. Thank you.



Critical Times Require Quick Action… Please act today to Preserve and Protect the public access, parking area and trail agreement for the Lighthouse at Sheringham Point.

The CRD is in the process of making decisions about the status of the public access to the heritage lighthouse land at the end of Sheringham Point Road.

Without your immediate action, the hard fought for access may be lost forever.

Please help support our efforts to protect the lighthouse by sending a letter or signing the petition on our website.  Sign on to www.sheringhamlighthouse.org and fill in the petition.



…created in 2003 to preserve and protect the lighthouse, surrounding land
and access.

The land and lighthouse located at the end of Sheringham Point Road is an important part of British Columbia and local history.  The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society is trying to keep the history of this facility alive, as well as working to protect and preserve the light station and the beautiful waterfront parkland surrounding it. We’re almost there - and with your help we can meet our goal and achieve success in our mission to preserve and protect the site and make it accessible to all as a park.

The Society continues to work with the CRD, Provincial and Federal governments and is in communication with First Nations and other stakeholders to see that the land is open to the public, is preserved “as is”, acquired by the Society, and is protected for the future. The Society is also working every day to ensure the building is protected and maintained.


NOTE:The Society makes every effort to provide as much information and reporting on events surrounding the Sheringham Point Lightstation and land as possible. The website or our Facebook page may contain more up-to-date information. The Society invites you to view our website at: www.sheringhamlighthouse.org


WEBSITE:  www.sheringhamlighthouse.org

EMAIL:  info@sheringhamlighthouse.org

FACEBOOK: sheringham-point-lighthouse-preservation-society

PHONE:  250-646-2528

The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society was established in 2003. The Society is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia, File #S47588 - May 17, 2004. The Society is registered as a charity by the Canada Revenue Agency, #858885940RR0001, July 29, 2004.


SPLPS is a proud member of Volunteer Canada.

SPLPS is an affiliate member of the US Lighthouse Society.



Officers:  Michael Galizio, President; Rob Vanveen, Vice President; Terri Alcock, Secretary/Treasurer
Board Members:  Elanie Bruton; Bill Parkes; Bill Turner; Gary Geddes; John Walls
Director Emeritus: Doris Thomas (in memoriam)
Board of Advisors: Gary Geddes, Chair; Honourable Pat Carney, Senator (ret); Lee Boyko, Executive Director, Sooke Region Museum; Stephanie Croft, President, Shirley Women’s Institute; President, Shirley Community Association