You Made the Difference

Society Supporters Convince Advisory Commission

to Keep the Current Access to

Sheringham Point Lighthouse


A round of thanks...


500 signatures sent the message:  "keep the existing public access"


On behalf of the members and executive of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, I want to thank you for taking the time to sign our petition and send an email to officials at the Capital Regional District. Thanks to your efforts, along with over 500 of your neighbours and other supporters, the CRD has been convinced to keep the existing public access to the Sheringham Point Heritage Lighthouse Site.

You have made a tremendous difference in the future of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse.  As a result of your support, the Society has been offered a 5 year agreement to protect the public access.  While we had all  advocated for a longer term, this is a tremendously important and positive start, and we will be able to move forward from here.  There is still a lot of work to do regarding this matter (as well as the Lighthouse View Trail management agreement) and we look forward to getting on with the job.

The Society volunteer membership appreciates your support of this exciting protect. The community and the region will be a better place because of the time you took to get involved and lend your support at this critical time. We would like to encourage you to keep checking in with us, through our website or our facebook site, to follow our progress of establish Sheringham Point Lighthouse as a heritage park for all to access and enjoy.  Also, we'd ask you to please consider joining the Society as a member.

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Thank you!

Michael Galizio (President, SPLPS) - on behalf of the Executive