Your donation before December 31 is eligible for

a full tax receipt for your 2016 taxes

As the end of the year approaches, this is the most important time for us to ask for your help.  It's at this time of year that the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society receives about 25% of its yearly donations.

With the help of our members and donors, the Society volunteers were able to accomplish so much over the past year, and with your help we can do even more in 2017.

We have completed the transfer of Sheringham Point Lighthouse and the surrounding lands to the Society, and to our community.  Now we are starting on the restoration of the lighthouse.  It's a big job, but it's absolutely necessary to ensure the lighthouse will be well-cared for and protected for generations to come.  We are also working to  make sure that it will remain accessible for the public to visit and appreciate.

It's certainly a busy time of year, but we'd like to ask if you would take a few moments to visit our website, click on the DONATE NOW button, and make your year-end donation. Help us make sure that 2017 will be the year that Sheringham Point Lighthouse will be restored to its full glory!

On behalf of the Society's volunteers, and on behalf of the many people - now and in the future - who will have the opportunity to visit this important Canadian heritage site that you have helped protect, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT.



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Some facts about tax receipts:

The tax savings for a donation of over $200 here in BC is just over 14.70%.

• $199 nets you a tax savings of 39.92*

• $250 nets you a tax savings of 61.97

*based on tax calculations for Canadian residents living in BC who have made charitable donations within the last 5 years. 

If you are a first-time donor:

The "First Time Donors Super Credit" offers you a one-time tax credit of 25% on your charitable gifts up to $1,000 (over and above other credits). Its available to any Canadian who is new to charitable giving or has not claimed a charitable donation in the last five years.

Please note:  The Society has made every effort to provide up to date and accurate tax information in this email.  The Society is providing directional guidance only and the information does not account for all possible tax situations. 

Here is a link to the Canada Revenue Agency website where you can find more information. Please visit: