Recycle at Shirley Delicious





Recycling helps the environment, and now it also helps the Society.  We are pleased to announce that local supporters, Phil and Sheena, the creative minds behind SHIRLEY DELICIOUS, are helping the Society through a sustaining donation of all the proceeds from their newly installed recycle bin.  Here are the details:

The Coffee House and Cafe is located at:  2794 Sheringham Point Road, Shirley, BC (corner West Coast Road and Sheringham Point Road).  They have installed a “Big Blue Bottle” recycling bin in the upper parking lot.  You can’t miss it!

Everyone is welcome to use it.  Any refundable containers can go in the bin.  There is no need to sort, just use the chute – and all proceeds from the deposit go directly to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society.

All refundable bottles, cans and plastic beverage containers are accepted – anything you would normally take to the return-it centre for a refund. Below is a photo of what is acceptable.  No need to sort – just dump ‘em all in the big blue bin and help the Society continue their work.

Save the trip to the recycling depot and help support this beautiful historic piece of our community.













For more details on recycling go to:   or to:

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