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Great News!  SPLPS Announces the Largest Private Donation to a Lighthouse in Canada.  Watch the video…


  • It’s daffodil time at the lighthouse Planted over 50 years ago by the lightkeeper’s family, the daffodils at Sheringham Point Lighthouse continue to thrive – just like the lighthouse itself – and herald the coming of spring.  Check them out by visiting the lighthouse. (And to mark the season, we have just ... Continue Reading
  • M.P. Praises Lighthouse Restoration Member of Parliament Praises Lighthouse Restoration August 24, 2019 – Randall Garrison, MP for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke has nothing but good things to say about the restoration work recently completed at Sheringham Point Lighthouse.  In his first tour of the Lighthouse Site since the restoration work was ... Continue Reading
  • Lighthouse Program wins International Award   “EXPLORING THE LIGHTHOUSE” SCHOOL PROGRAM WINS INTERNATIONAL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE   Our school program, “Exploring the Lighthouse”, has won an international award of excellence.  For the past three years, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society has partnered with the National Trust for Land and Culture (BC) Society ... Continue Reading
  • Orcas at Sheringham Point It pays to keep a cell phone in your pocket.  When Shane Burkett was up at the top of the Lighthouse a few days ago, working on the restoration of the lantern room, some movement out on the water caught his attention.  He was able ... Continue Reading
  • Great News! Society Announces Major Funding Support The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society announced today that it has received the largest ever private donation to a Lighthouse in Canada. At a news conference at the Maritime Museum, Society Director John Walls said that the Society will be receiving $550,000 over the next several ... Continue Reading
  • Your Help and Advice is Requested… Please take a few minutes to fill out the Community/Visitor Survey… Now that the Lighthouse Property has been transferred to the care and protection of the volunteers at the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, it’s time to look to the future.  The Society volunteers are making ... Continue Reading
  • Lighthouse Volunteer Honoured On June 19, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society (SPLPS) honoured one of their volunteer members for his generous contributions:  “Dr Marvin Caruthers gave his unwavering support and dedication to Lighthouse, foreshore land and environmental preservation.” Continue Reading
  • Lighthouse Heritage Designation – A New Beginning Lighthouse Heritage Designation - A New Beginning On March 20, 2016 the Sheringham Point Lighthouse began a new phase of its long and illustrious life, as it was dedicated a Canadian Heritage Lighthouse.   In a ceremony attended by many community residents, neighbours, dignitaries, Lighthouse Society members and friends, the heritage plaque ... Continue Reading
  • You’re Invited! You're Invited! Continue Reading
  • You Made the Difference – Society Supporters Convince Advisory Commission to Keep the Current Access To Heritage Lighthouse Site Thank you to our many members and supporters who responded in such an overwhelming way to help us ensure that appropriate and effective public access to the Lighthouse site would be maintained. Over 500 messages of support were received to encourage the Capital Regional District not ... Continue Reading
  • Together, We Did It! Heritage Designation Awarded to Sheringham Point Lighthouse Site   TOGETHER, WE DID IT! All of the hard work, the letters of support, and the dedication of our Society’s members and volunteers over the past twelve years is now paying off.  We received a letter last week from the ... Continue Reading
  • Lighthouse Book Launch EXCITING NEWS! The Book, “To The Lighthouse – An Explorer’s Guide to the Lighthouses of Southern BC” was launched at Bolen Books on June 2nd, 2015. The book is the result of several years of work by the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, its authors, collaborators and ... Continue Reading

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