Flea Beach

Flea Beach Conservation Project


Welcome to Flea Beach, Shirley BC.

In 2013, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Society received permission from the Ministry of Transportation to operate and maintain the right of way under license in Shirley, called Flea Beach. One of the first steps the Society took was to evaluate the status of the foreshore property, consulting with Society members, interested parties and the staff of the Regional Parks Commission. Now that process has concluded, and the Society has asked for your ideas, concerns and suggestions about Flea Beach, the results are posted here.

In September of 2014, the Society adopted a Vision Statement regarding the property. A letter, the statement and survey were mailed and emailed to as many residents of Shirley as possible. Thank you to everyone who reviewed the Vision and answered the Society consultation survey.

To view the final approved vision for Flea Beach, please click here.

The Society has completed the consultation and has tallied and reviewed the survey’s comments, suggestions from the website, the open house and returned cards that solicited comments, opinions and advice on the Flea Beach project. Over 25 people attended the open house, 40 emails were received and 35 survey cards were returned.

To view the work plan, phases 1 and 2, please click here.

Please continue to check back to this page for more information and updates on the Flea Beach foreshore property.

On behalf of the entire membership, thank you for your interest in Flea Beach.


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