School Program – “Exploring the Lighthouse”

School Program – “Exploring the Lighthouse”


Understanding and, in particular, experiencing their own connections to the people and places around them is invaluable for children in so many ways. Learning about their own and their community’s history provides a base from which they can explore their world and help them answer that most fundamental of questions: “how did this come to be?”

Our history – our heritage – is best lived and experienced, understood through the things we can touch and feel, and passed on in a way that touches our hearts and our imaginations. To help children in the local area strengthen their connections to their own community, we wanted to provide an opportunity for them to visit Sheringham Point Lighthouse, to learn about its history and operations, to appreciate its significance and understand why it is being conserved. It was also our hope to inspire them – and, through them, their families and friends – to take a personal interest in further exploring their community and helping to protect the future of the Lighthouse.



We developed a short program, called “Exploring the Lighthouse”. This has several parts:

  • History and Operations – we provide a short presentation outlining the history of the Lighthouse, and also talk about how lighthouses work, and their role in maritime safety and community development.
  • Visit to the Lighthouse – the students visit the Lighthouse to see first-hand what it’s all about, and to experience its remarkable character and ambience.
  • Reflections – we ask the students to creatively express their impressions of the Lighthouse site by:
    Taking photographs while they are at the site, focusing on the features that capture their attention/imagination.
    Writing and illustrating a story (either fictional or non-fiction) about a Lighthouse.
  • Commemorative Book – we compiled the students’ photographs, stories and art work into this commemorative book, which is being provided on-line to all of the children, their families and the whole school community.


To view the students’ stories and photographs, click on the book below:



2018-19 School Year

John Muir Elementary – Division 8







Sooke Elementary – Division 1







Sooke Elementary – Division 2








2017-18 School Year

John Muir Elementary School – Division 7








John Muir Elementary School – Division 8








Sooke Elementary School – Division 1








Sooke Elementary School – Division 2









2016-17 School Year

John Muir Elementary School – Division 8








John Muir Elementary School – Division 9








Sooke Elementary School – Division 2








Sooke Elementary School – Division 3








Message for teachers, principals, parent advisory committees:

We hope to be able to expand this program to other schools in the area.  If you would like to involve your school in this program, please contact us.

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