Visit the Lighthouse Site

Visit the Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Access from Victoria/Sooke

Take Sooke Road (BC 14 – West Coast Road) west for approximately 15.6 kilometres beyond Sooke. You’ll enter the Shirley District at Anderson Road. Continue on West Coast Road watching for the yellow traffic sign that warns of the Fire Hall. When you see the Community Hall and Fire Hall on the left side of the road – watch for Sheringham Point Road, immediately past. Turn left. Continue 1 kilometre to the parking area on the right. Watch for the trail head sign.

Access from Port Renfrew

Take Sooke Road (BC 14 – West Coast Road) east for approximately 53.2 kilometres. You’ll enter the Shirley District just over the bridge. Continue on West Coast Road watching for the yellow traffic sign that warns of the Fire Hall. When you see the Community Hall and Fire Hall on the right side of the road – look out for Sheringham Point Road just before the Hall. Turn right. Continue 1 kilometre to the parking area on the right. Watch for the trail head sign.

Parking and Access

Parking and access to the Lighthouse Heritage Site is only via Sheringham Point Road – no other legal access is available. Please respect our neighbours.  The parking area for the Lighthouse is at the end of Sheringham Point Road – then take the short walk to the Lighthouse gate.  There is no other legal parking available on Sheringham Point Road, Lighthouse Road or Seaside Drive.

If you choose to walk the Lighthouse View Trail, also located on Sheringham Point Road, then you must walk from the trail head to the Lighthouse via the trail and return to your car on the loop.  There is a map at the trail head.


The weather in this part of the world, and particularly out on the point, can be unpredictable and can change quickly.  Please be prepared for this if visiting the site.  To help, please check out the current weather conditions from the Sheringham Weather Station.




The Lighthouse Site is open to the public daily.  EARLY SPRING HOURS hours are now in effect:  Every Day 9 am to 6 pm.




When you visit, please follow these simple health related steps:

          Wash your hands.

          Practice Physical Distancing (2 metres minimum).

          If you are feeling sick, stay home.


The National Heritage Lighthouse Site is open in compliance with BC Health standards and practices, as well as Government business opening plans.  The site is private property, owned and operated by the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society and open for the use of guests, the community and others at the discretion of the Society.

Please respect the neighbours and neighbourhood – stay on paths and, once exiting the gates, proceed to the marked trail or to the parking area only.  Please respect the closed gate and do not trespass during the times when the site is closed.  Thank you.


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to weather conditions, the path to the Lighthouse may be need to be closed from time to time.  Please exercise caution if using this path during stormy weather or freezing temperatures.


Please enjoy your visit to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse.  You are welcome to walk around the grounds, but please stay away from cliff edges and other hazards, and do not climb on the railings.  Visitors are cautioned that the exposed site can be treacherous in poor weather – high winds and rogue waves can be dangerous.

Please note the restrictions posted on the sign to the left (also posted on site) – no camping, please do not leave any garbage behind, and clean up after your pets.  Motorized vehicles (except for service vehicles) are not allowed on site, and we ask that you leave your metal detector at home and also that you adhere to noise bylaws, in order not to interfere with the enjoyment of other visitors or of our neighbours.

Thank you for your interest in the Sheringham Point Lighthouse.  Please help us keep it in good repair and to keep the site clean and safe.  If you notice anything you feel needs attention, please let us know by telephone, or by sending a message on this site.  In case of emergency, please call 911 (note:  due to the remote area in which the site is located, cell service is severely limited or nonexistent).

At this time, access inside the Lighthouse Structure is not permitted.



Virtual Tour

To take a quick (11 min) tour of the Lighthouse, please click here.

Caution:  Be aware of bears and other animals

Please note that volunteers at the Sheringham Point Heritage Lighthouse site have found bears enjoying the scenery and munching on the apples.  Should you visit please use caution walking around the site.

As always, when enjoying this passive park, please be aware that bears, cougars and other wild things are frequently present at the site.  Give ALL animals a wide berth.  So please be careful and follow the simple rules at  or at

Thank you.

Lighthouse View Trail

A 3.4 km loop trail takes you from the parking area, through both public an private lands to enable you both to visit the lighthouse site itself as well as to experience the surrounding environment.

The trail is easy walking and is open between dawn and sunset.  Please respect the sensitive nature of this area, stay on the trail and respect the privacy of adjacent properties. Also please note that weather can change quickly in this area, so please be prepared.  To view a larger version of the trail map or trail rules, please click on the image.


Jennie’s Trail

Jennies TrailIn August 2010, the Society voted to rename the portion of the Lighthouse View Trail which directly accesses the Lighthouse as “Jennie’s Trail”, in memory of Jennie Caruthers.  A brass plaque was installed in December 2011 at the trailhead, which states:

“This portion of the Lighthouse Trails is dedicated to Jennie Caruthers who, with her husband Dr. Marvin Caruthers, provided critical foresight, advice, leadership and financial support essential to the creation of this magnificent hiking trail.

Created on private lands and presented to the people of Vancouver Island, “Jennie’s Trail” is dedicated in her memory with the love and admiration of the community.”

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