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Your help and support is always needed to ensure that we will be able to fully protect the Sheringham Point Lighthouse. Please see below for current actions (petitions, campaigns, etc.) that that need your help now.

Also, if you are interested in volunteering with the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, please click here for upcoming Volunteer Opportunities.


TREE REMOVAL PROPOSAL – Materials and Information

Following are the Biologist’s Report and other background materials relating to the proposal to remove trees in the vicinity of the trail.

Sheringham Biologist Report Covenant 4_2020

Lighthouse Lot 1 Harvest Plan (final) 2019

Cedar Coast LTR 3_2020 TIMBE PLAN review#1 [F]

LH_Cedar Coast LTR 4_2020 TIMBER PLAN Report 2 [F]

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Your Help and Advice is Requested…Please fill out our Community/Visitors Survey

splpsed-045-2Now that the Lighthouse Property has been transferred to the care and protection of the volunteers at the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, it’s time to look to the future.  The Society volunteers are making plans for how to preserve, protect and use the Lighthouse and its surrounding lands – the entire Heritage Lighthouse Site.  From the beginning, the community and the Society have been working to create a “passive park” surrounding the Lighthouse – opening the land for everyone to visit, while continuing to conserve and protect the land, the public access and the historic buildings.  To do the best job possible with this task, Society volunteers are reaching out to discover how the local community, as well as site visitors and supporters are using the site and what vision you see for the Heritage Site.

Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the  COMMUNITY/VISITOR SURVEY by clicking here.

Your views and your advice will go a long way to making this wonderful community asset the best it can be.  Thank you.

Successful actions require us all to pull together…

The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society led the community efforts to ensure that the Lighthouse would continue to be protected and cared for, and that it would be officially designated as a Heritage Lighthouse by the Government of Canada.  We were successful in our efforts and, in  May of 2015 the Lighthouse received Heritage designation.  Subsequently, in the fall of 2015, the Lighthouse and the surrounding lands (at the foot of Sheringham Point Road) were transferred to the Society for conservation, and to ensure ongoing public access to the site.

In the years before the acquisition of the Lighthouse, the Society volunteers were also instrumental in the establishment of the Lighthouse View Trail and Jennie’s Trail which provide access to the Lighthouse and the surrounding area.  We are now focusing our efforts on restoring Sheringham Point Lighthouse to its full glory, and making other improvements to enhance public safety and use of the site.

To ensure our success in these efforts, your ongoing help is needed.  Please consider joining the Society as a member and/or making a donation, to help strengthen our work.  Also, from time to time we will need to ask for your help in pressing for government action or other activities that will support our volunteer efforts to protect and properly care for the site.  Please check back regularly to this page for “calls to action”.  Click here to join as a member.



Restoration and site development work at the Lighthouse is currently underway.  Significant progress has been made, but there is still a great deal to do, especially in terms of site improvement, Orca monitoring, restoring and repatriating lighthouse equipment (artifacts) and site security.

With regard to the site buildings, all of the concrete repair work, corrosion removal, painting (interior and exterior – including the lantern room, tower walls, the metal staircase and the entire engine room), replacement of windows, restoration of vents, doors and the weather vane, upgrading and replacement of all electrical systems (heaters, lighting, wiring and electrical panels), waterproofing around the base of the tower and drywall repairs and mould removal in the engine room have now been completed.  Efforts are underway to check for leaks, settling and any post restoration issues that may become chronic.

The restoration effort now is moving towards the installation of necessary safety measures.   Click here for a full restoration report.








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