Helping Protect the Orcas

Helping Protect the Orcas


Orca pod 1One of the important conservation projects that has been in operation for years at the Sheringham Point Lighthouse is Orca monitoring.  Coordinated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, hydrophones (large, underwater microphones) were placed in the Strait to monitor and listen to the transient and resident killer whale populations that regularly pass by the Lighthouse site.

The Society is dedicated to continuing this important conversation project, helping to expand our knowledge of the lives and and habits of these endangered local whale populations.

In the future we look forward to being able to share the results and information from the monitoring and tracking of the Orca pods.

We also hope to form strong partnerships with other like-minded organizations such as the Center for Whale Research.

(Stay tuned for more details as this project develops).



Orca pod 3Orca pod 2






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